Hi, I'm Justin!

I’ve been an entrepreneur just like yourself for several years now, with experience in both small business and large corporate settings.  Let’s just say I’ve been a ‘test pilot’ by failing in my many ventures for you, so you don’t have to.

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I was constantly researching different marketing tactics and better ways promote my businesses and grow my overall revenue. 

However, I noticed there wasn’t an easy step-by-step guide or information that gave me truly actionable take-aways that I could apply immediately in an ethical and value-driven way.

At Smart Marketing Vibes, I provide content that gives true value and actionable steps for entrepreneurs, as well as one-on-one consulting by partnering with individuals just like yourself.

The only expectation I have is that you take action, execute at the highest level, and truly drive to give your all.


The Beginning of SMV


Everywhere I looked, I couldn't find a solution. In most resources I stumbled across, the focus was on increasing to a certain number of followers or customers.

With every marketing campaign, promotional boost, or piece of advertisement I put out, I noticed something... I got more responses on simply providing valuable content and didn't have any expectation on return.

This was a GAME-CHANGER!


Tired & Discouraged?struggling with your marketing Strategy & Branding?

I'm ready to help you succeed! Let's see what works for your brand.


Why I do
what i do... And Who I
Serve Daily

Guess What... It's Not About Money! It's About Helping You
Be Successful.


I want to share the concepts and tactics that I, as well as many other entrepreneurs, have used to grow your brand, put value in the crosshairs of your entrepreneurial focus, and reap the benefits of successfully planning and executing a marketing strategy that works. 

I have spent loads of time researching, fine-tuning, and finding the most useful information for you to learn from & enjoy. More importantly, I ask that you have no regrets, and take action immediately! My goal is to get you to the point that you no longer need me.

Things you should know about me personally...


I bleed orange & white!

I'm an avid Tennessee Volunteer. Not only did I get my Bachelors of Science - Service Management here, but I also marched for the greatest band in the land: The Pride Of The Southland!

Seriously... my fan-dom is an unhealthy addiction. Ask my friends and family!


My Favorite Place In the world is disneyworld!

Growing up, I was absolutely obsessed with Mickey Mouse and everything Disney. Going to DisneyWorld at the age of 12 changed my life forever. Yes... I believe in magic!

Fun Facts About This Obsession:

  • My room as a child was Mickey Mouse-themed
  • Instead of going on Spring Break to the beach in college, my friends and I chose to spend a week in DisneyWorld
  • I still have my childhood Mickey that I would strap to my tricycle and ride around my house (yes... I had Mickey sunglasses, too).
  • The greatest moment of my life happened in DisneyWorld: I proposed to my beautiful wife (Lisa), and she said YES!

the best time to start is always now

It's Never Too Late To Build A
Solid Foundation


It saddens me to hear small business entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, startups, and personal brands tell me that they think they've missed the boat on creating a marketing strategy and branding that works.

I'm here to tell you now: THE BEST TIME IS RIGHT NOW! Let me help! Join the many active individuals in the VibeNation currently, and let's see what works for you. It's essential that the strong foundation is built and you are consistent in your content distribution, value-first communication, and your entire marketing plan. Are you ready? Join below!

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