Adding exceptional value to your business is an essential part of your marketing strategy.  However, it can be the most difficult and daunting task that we encounter as entrepreneurs.  

In this article, we are going to explore why written content is so important to adding value to your business, and simple actionable items that you can implement immediately to increase your brand authority, joining the 27% of B2C marketers that actually have a content strategy.

The Struggle Is Real...

Roadblocks, self-discouragement, and that irritating white screen with blinking cursor are just the few distractions that we deal with when attempting to provide bonuses to our products and services.

Using written content (such as blogs, emails, and social media posts) could arguably be the best way to give our raving fans the increased attention they desire.  At the same time, the constant problem with this medium is that we tend to either have writer’s block or memory loss when it comes to taking action and putting the pen to the paper.

Sound familiar?

As an entrepreneur, your passion is to take your expertise and ideas that you have formed for your business and help others with their problems and needs.

Taking time to clearly articulate those experiences is something that you’re excited to do.  But putting those thoughts into words normally deters you from actually moving on those goals.

Authority + Trust = Ultimate Value

Building your following hasn’t been easy, and one reason is because consumers buy-in to what they trust.  The Millenials and Gen-X-ers are especially focused on trust, which is attributed to their tech-savvy traits and the need to research and purchase smart.

Through writing valuable information reinforcing your products and/or services, you have the ability to elaborate on the problems that your customers encounter.  Step-by-step instructions, guides and how-to articles give you the ability to produce quick and effective wins for your audience.

Being an expert in your niche is also considered by many people when it comes to deciding to purchase a product or service.  I’m almost positive that with every major product acquisition, you do your due diligence by digging deep into the depths of the Google-sphere to uncover positives and negatives.  Research suggests 61% of customers research products and services before purchasing.

If you could help this research process by providing valuable information that would give a behind-the-scenes look into the potential purchase, as well as how to effectively use the purchased item to its full potential, you will grow trust faster and be more effective in producing quality customers.  

By providing this valuable information to your audience, you are essentially becoming a credible resource in your field thus building authority with your brand.  

Ready to start?

Finding a specific medium to present your knowledge and expertise to your value-hungry consumers can prove to be a daunting task.  However, the key to success is to commit and get your MVP (minimal viable product) out there.

Types of Written Content Mediums:

    •    Blogging

    ◦    Blogging can provide up-to-date information regarding your industry or niche.  This path is always evolving with your business, and provides a unique way to push how-to's, reviews, general information, and so much more.  Using a platform like WordPress is essential, and it is what I use for SMV.  You can get started here and have your blog up-and-running in as little as 5-minutes.

    •    Cheat Sheet

    ◦    Creating a cheat sheet to help your consumer understand a product or service better could be considered one of the best ways to connect with your avatar.  Giving readers specific hacks and shortcuts to use your services more efficiently, or even giving necessary information to pair your service with a comparable product will give you the necessary edge over competitors.

    •    Book/E-Book

    ◦    Old fashioned, yet effective.  When you look at someone who is published and selling their work, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  Respected and expert are two words that I think about.  Writing a book or e-book will give you the credibility that you need to be notable in your niche.  It provides a clear-cut reference to your thoughts and beliefs on a specific subject, creating a notion of higher knowledge about a particular subject.

    •    Infographic

    ◦    Infographics are pleasing to the eye, short, sweet, and to the point.  They provide readers something that can be easily followed, yet effective when it comes to providing amazing information.  Whether the information you are providing is a step-by-step guide or statistics relating to your area of expertise, infographics will do the job for you.  Get yours designed today by going here.

    •    Email Newsletter

    ◦    How can you build your target base and provide information at the same time?  Creating an email newsletter is a necessity in any business or niche.  Not only can you provide short-but-sweet nuggets of information to those who truly want to follow you, but you are also building a larger customer base by those who opt-in to the content you will be providing.  I highly suggest you use ConvertKit, as it provides all the necessary tools, functions, and data points in an easy-to-use platform.

Each of these mediums have their unique advantages to providing your clientele with incredible value-bombs that relate to your specific niche.

The key is to take action now!  Put your pen to paper and begin creating today.  And remember, if you are waiting until your content is perfect... then you've waited too late.