Reflection 2016

Why look back on the previous year? I believe it is essential to review successes and celebrate them, but I strongly think that reviewing the opportunities is vital to improve my business.

More importantly, I truly believe that giving you an inside look into my thought process and business is incredibly useful.  Listen, I'm not perfect... and I want you to know that. However, I want you to help keep me honest and hold me accountable.

So what mistakes did I make in 2016?

Lack of Consistency

In my opinion, consistency is the most important aspect of any marketing or business plan. Giving valuable, high-quality contentto you is the ultimate goal each and every time a post is made.

So what went south with the plan?

I made excuses.

Excuses of not having enough time would be the top excuse I made throughout 2016. It’s easy for all of us to simply do other things rather than dedicate time and attention to the end-goal(s).

Another excuse that I made was comparing myself to others that are farther along in the journey that I am currently. It's so dang discouraging to see others' success while I am still deep in the trenches.

How will I combat this issue in 2017?

Dedicating myself to providing actionable content for you will be a top priority. And that comes with accountability.  I understand that small business entrepreneurs and solopreneurs like yourself crave information and answers to the many struggles we all have in business, especially when it comes to driving the top-line through marketing and promotion.

Although accountability is key to success, having a realistic schedule in place is also crucial to measuring and maintaining consistency with content creation.

Having a set schedule with dedicated topics will provide me with an organized and efficient system to ensure the content you crave is produced and delivered on schedule and when expected.

I must also never EVER compare myself to others. So here is the new expectation: Only compare myself to who I was yesterday. Am I further along, more informed, and better positioned than I was last week? Heck yes, and that's a mark in the win column!

Using Patience

Frankly, I don't tag myself with the trait of 'patience'. Like most people, I want instant gratification in all aspects of my life (including my businesses). Nevertheless, the situations and tasks that I want to be easy always seem to be the hardest.

Here's the thing: I've got to be more methodical and let things develop, rather than trying to rush and get frustrated. Now, this doesn't mean that I should hesitate to make decisions and move forward. But I shouldn't expect easy, simplistic, or quick results.

My plan for 2017?

Stick to the plan. That's why we create them, right?

The universe is bound to throw a wrench into any plan. But giving up due to frustration is only accepting failure and mediocrity. And neither of those words are in my vocabulary.

Therefore, prepare for the worst, instead of hoping for the best. Having this mindset will prepare me for the long haul, but also set myself up for success by having multiple plans and a multiple-course mindset.

Taking Action

Living in a dream world is fun, isn't it? Everything happens just the way it is planned, and no problems arise. Ah... the good life.

But then, I awaken to so many things to do with the end result being discouragement and incompletion. Boo.

Hey, I'm not saying that I will stop dreaming! That's where the good ideas happen. But having ideas are only that... they're not real.

The acceptance that nothing is given to me has been accomplished, and now it's time to execute.

Easy to say, right?

It comes back to creating a solid foundation, which means developing a plan and sticking to it. When something is due on the schedule, don't delay or procrastinate.

But it's also so pertinent to set realistic goals and take action toward completion. Nothing is more discouraging than realizing that a goal you set was simply unachievable. Always reach for the stars... but I will need to realize that the next universe over is probably unreachable. (You see what I did there?)

Final thought...

My fellow entrepreneurs... it's a new year. Tomorrow is a new day.  Let's take it by storm.

My commitment to you is to provide consistent content, have patience in my business, and execute.

How are you pivoting in 2017? Let me know below!