Writing content can be a difficult task for small business entrepreneurs.  We know we have many great ideas that we want to push to our audience, however organizing and managing these in the written form can be daunting.

Are you getting discouraged when trying to write a blog post or email autoresponder?

Honestly, I've been in your shoes.  It's no fun.

Providing valuable and informative information to your fans is essential to building trust and brand recognition.  It increases your presence in your niche community, while proving your expertise in the ideas you share.

By using the tips in this article, you will not only improve the quality of your content, but also make content creation an enjoyable experience.



1.) Express Your Idea, Not Your Ego

If you're an entrepreneur like myself, ideas are constantly forming in your head.  It's something we cannot turn off, and we want the world to hear them.

This is your time to add value for your reader, whether it be a newsletter, blog, or a simple email.

However, it is easy to beef up the content with big words and fluff as you try to reiterate your authority and expertise in your specific niche.

Let's leave the ego at the door, and express the idea as clear and concise as possible.  Typically, your reader will hit the bullet points first and drill down second.

Time is valuable.  It would not be wise to waste your readers' time with information they do not need.

So just get to the point, rather than dancing around what you're trying to communicate to your audience.  They will appreciate your efficient yet effective added value.

2.) Write For Your Ideal Customer

Writing content is already hard.  What makes it even harder is when we attempt to create it for an audience.

It's very easy to think and convince yourself that you must please everyone with the content or products you put out.

This cannot be farther from the truth!  The first step is to realize this only demotivates you, devalues the content, and deteriorates the quality you're able to produce.

Think about your ideal fan.  What are his interests?  What are her pain points?

It's essential that you write like you're having a simple but detailed conversation with a single person.

But also ask yourself this:  Will they understand what you're stating clearly?  Are your ideas clearly outlined and easy to follow if this person was reading your content?

3.) Mind-Map Your Ideas First

Writing content is already difficult, so why make it harder?

Try writing all of your ideas out.  Get them out of your head and on paper.  Don't worry about organizing your thoughts just yet.

Once you have everything you would like to say about that subject, you can begin to categorize by topic or subject.

What exactly is mind-mapping, you ask?

It's a simple diagram that one uses to organize your thoughts and ideas efficiently in the visual form.  It's the best way to gather thoughts in any scenario so that you can speak or write clearly.  It also helps you to eliminate losing great ideas to short-term memory loss.

I do this two ways:

1.) Sticky Notes: I use sticky notes like they're going out of style.  They're easy to move around when ranking and categorizing.  Not only that, but they're less intrusive than a white board or a piece of paper.

You can easily do this anywhere in your home or office, and come back later to them if necessary.  The other great thing about sticky notes is that you can color coordinate them according to importance, topic, etc.  I personally use the smaller pads.  You can buy them by clicking here.

2.) MindNode: This is a great app that lets you mind-map your ideas into categories digitally.  I love this way of collecting my thoughts because it's less intrusive than sticky notes, and I can do this on the go.

I personally do this while traveling, working on other things, exercising, etc.  It makes complete sense for someone with a busy lifestyle, and I highly suggest it over the free apps and programs out there, simply because of the superior support, continual updates, and user-friendly interface.

Get the iPhone, iPad, or iPod app by clicking here.

Get the iMac or Macbook app by clicking here.

4.) Re-Engage Your Reader

Let's face it... it's officially human nature to have a short attention span.

What does this mean to you as a small business entrepreneur?

When writing or creating content, it is a requirement that you keep your audience refreshed and thoroughly interested.  As readers, we tend to lose focus very quickly, and it is harder than ever to regain or even keep the attention of our fans.

Try these techniques when creating content:

    •    Create more subject headers.

    ◦    This breaks up the content, and gives your reader an easy way to skim before diving into your content

    •    Break up your writing.

    ◦    Although we have been taught our whole educational lives to write properly, this technique simply does not keep our audience's attention.  Instead of writing in paragraph form, break up your sentences and ideas.  Keep paragraphs to 2-3 sentences

    •    Add more photos to break your content up.

    •    Use video content to support your writing.

    •    Provide links to sources that you write about.

5.) Always Be Actionable

Everything that you do in your business should be intentional.  Same goes for your content and how you influence your readers.

What's even more important is that you provide useful information that will produce wins for your fans, even if they're small.  Providing valuable content that will demand action and immediate success will not only create interest in your content, but it will also keep your readers engaged and build trust.  This will lead to subscribers in the long-run.

Creating actionable items can be done in multiple ways, including:

    •    Call-to-Actions at the end of your content

    •    Valuable and implementable tips

    •    Linking to helpful resources

Check out this article on creating wins for your readers.


Content writing can be a difficult and daunting task for small business owners.  It's something that I've even struggled with.  However, using the tips above have drastically increased the quality and readability of my content, and I know it will help you as well.

Next time you're writing a blog post, remember:

    •    Leave your ego at the door.  State your ideas clearly.

    •    Write for your ideal fan.  Creating content for your entire audience will be detrimental and confuse your readers.

    •    Mind-map your ideas out.  This will create organization and clarity to your writing.

    •    Keep re-engaging your readers.  Do things like writing smaller paragraphs, using bullet-points, and spacing with photos in your content.

    •    Make each post actionable.  Create wins for your readers.

What tips do you have?  Share them below in the comments!