Let’s face it. The direct sales has come a long way and can be a great way to earn money from home. Hey, we are not here to pass judgment but there are lots of reasons direct sales is the best option to earn income. There are times in every sales person career where there will be a disaster and having the knowledge and right tools at hand is not only helpful- it can be career saving. In this article we’ll take a look at the 5 main Marketing Strategies that will give you success. 

Direct sales refers to the art of selling products face-to-face and it’s away from the location of the retail store. This is done through but not limited to presentations and catalog sales. Some companies may give a sales person a start pack which comes at a small fee. Jamberry is a typical example which gives away starter parks for their sales people.

Sales strategy

Marketing and how to sell to existing or new customers with existing products entails the selection of an individual strategy or a way of getting there which might be that of initiating a series of presentations emphasizing the benefits of your product. You may decide to give more attention to a particular geographic area or select particular customers who are known to possess the most potential for increased business.  

5 Best Marketing Strategies

If you are struggling with your direct sales, then it’s time to formulate strategies by choosing broad selling methods and the type of relationship that is desired with the prospective customer. When it comes to direct sales strategies, some are more effective than others, so in this article, you’ll learn the 5 marketing strategies that will get you the most results in the shortest period of time.


1. Email Marketing

Internet has become a useful tool to get to the customers. Email marketing is mostly used because of its affordability and greater reach. The email is the starting point of building trust with the customer. 

Have you wondered why your emails are not getting the expected response from your customers? The content in emails should be presented in such a way that it is captivating and fun to read to the consumer. Make the email readable with rich content that show personality and include some stories because people will remember them.

2. Webinars

Webinars are just presentations of your products held over the internet. They are the perfect tools for direct marketing if done correctly as you are able to talk directly to your customers. You can build your brand awareness targeting at potential customers who are looking at better understanding of your product. This helps them understand how the product will fit into solving their problems. 

Most businesses struggle with webinar but it’s impact on customers is remarkable. Check this, at first, the same basic rules should apply,, don’t talk about yourself and don’t sell anything. Concentrate on presenting content only. Then show them the solution which your product brings by showing them the product features and benefits. This is the stage when you are selling your product and do not bad-mouth other competing products. The last stage is when you deliver and are talking to a customer who has bought your product which takes the form of a product demo and give the client space to ask questions. 

Build a test webinar if you have not done already. Don't wait till late only to discover that you can not use it. Testing it with multiple accounts from different devices is advisable and should be done.

3. Social Media

There is no doubt that social media can help grow you business. The right social media strategy is required to drive sales and know that customers who engage on social brands on social media have strong brand loyalty. 

Are you not getting the required results on your social platform? Don’t give up yet and just follow the following steps: Determine the best way to connect with prospects - are you going to use Facebook, Twitter….., Join a community and create a persona - create a likable character, connect - get connected with people you are targeting for your products, build relationships and engage with your customers in some sort of conversation.

You can use social broadcasting to attract, retain, up-sale and cross-sell while social listening can be used to identify new sales opportunities. 

Social Broadcasting - develop your social presence by initiating conversations with your clients through your frequent broadcasts. Answer questions , help to solve problems by suggesting solution through social listening. A lot of social media listening and monitoring tools is available to help you drive sales from social media.


4. Give-Aways and Bonuses

Running giveaways, however, should quickly increase your reach with very little time and effort. Giveaways are the best way to market your business and also help improve your low sales Unmotivated staff is a recipe for disaster.

One of the popular way to do giveaway is by doing a giveaway campaign and make the prize one of your company’s products. The ultimate aim is to attract entrants who want to win you product and in this way you get the right audience for selling more of your products. Refer-a-friend option can be used to attract new customers from the circle of your friends without spending more resources. Bear in mind that giveaways are not limit geographically. A good example which has used networking marketing successfully is Tupperware.

Bonus can be defined as a specific and discretionary payment for a specific purpose or task. The bonus can be used to reward a team of salespeople where none particular person could be said to have been sorely responsible for the gaining of good sales skills. 

Bonuses can be in a form of remuneration, a share in profits or issue of free shares. The advantage is that bonuses can be related to results which basically will motivate sale people to give out the best. Mary Kay sales people boast of getting good bonuses from the company. It’s your choice to choose what type of bonus criteria to pursue.

5. Cross-Promote

Cross promotion should be an easier way of offering your customers a product related to whatever they are already buying. The customers are generally forced to spend more and in a way boosting your bottom-line. 

Look again at customer needs and the sale personnel when the results are not good. You need to focus your efforts on meeting the customer’s needs and the sale people need to be properly trained. You can cross promote your products on website where you can educate the customers and offer a range of prices to complement a product.

Recommendations from experts work well when cross promoting and give them an offer to try the product. Nu Skin company uses recommendation from their experts in the R & D department to speak more on their products which is working quite well.

We are happy with the direct sales and the way it is impacting individuals who look for an entrepreneurial venture, freedom, and structure. Although direct marketing is straightforward to use if the sales plans are well executed, it can be difficult and discouraging when starting out.  However, wrong execution of strategies can affect your business if not well done and potentially set you up for failure. We hope this article will help boast your business, and would love to hear your best practices in the comments below.